Andrea Murphy

I’m a mother to 2 wonderful and very active kids. I love the everyday challenges of being a mom. It was the difference in my own birth experiences that originally inspired me to become a doula. With the support of a doula I was able to have the birth I wanted.

I have also had the honor of being a gestational surrogate. This experience has given me a new perspective on the struggles that parents go through to have a family. Birth should not be another struggle but a beautiful start.

I believe that birth should be wonderful and empowering. It is my goal to help women have the birth experience that they desire, whatever that may be. I have found great joy in assisting women on their journey through pregnancy, birth, and watching them embrace motherhood. It is my privilege to support women as they and their partners find the strength that they never knew they had. I feel it is just as important to support the partner; helping them be confident in their role and enjoy their baby’s birth. It is my hope that no matter what a woman’s birth experience is, she and her partner will always be able to look back and have found memories to share with their child.

I am currently working in Partnership with Erin and Tina, at Lovin Heart Birth. We have found that our partnership allows us to better support families.

With good support every woman can have a positive start to life with their new baby.