Jessica De La Pena

My name is Jessica de la Peña and I am a birth doula, prenatal yoga instructor and placenta encapsulator. My love for pregnancy, labor and childbirth began through yoga. I took my first prenatal yoga teacher training in 2011, which blew my mind open to the wonders of the female body during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. Since then I have gone on to complete over 125 hours of training, spanning both prenatal yoga and doula trainings. I now travel internationally to train upcoming prenatal yoga instructors with The Dolphin Method, and have mentored apprentice doulas. I, like my peers here at Lovin Heart Birth, am honored to volunteer as a birth doula at Sutter Davis Birthing Center.

I am passionate about my work to empower women through the transformational experience of childbirth. I have been a doula since 2011 and have aided over 50 women in their journey to motherhood in a myriad of births (cesarean, elective epidurals, water births and all in between). Each birth experience is different and I encourage every mother-to-be (and their partner) to find what is best for them. I pride myself on helping father (or co-mother)-to-be be fully immersed in the experience as well. Birthing takes a village. I rely heavily on my yoga background and its profound applications for birth, working with the body and the breath, in helping women through labor.

Aside from birth work, I have lived, worked, and traveled all over the globe. I’m a stepmother to two amazing teenage girls and spend my free time between yoga, running, chauffeuring kids, reading and hanging with my man and our two adorable kitties, Zelda & Link. In my previous lives I have been a full time yoga instructor and a microfinance researcher in Peru. Currently, I am a hopeful nursing student with a long term goal of working at a L&D unit near you!