Laurie Suggs

My desire for all mothers is to feel they are an active part of the amazing journey of giving birth. Women are empowered as they are able to understand what is happening throughout the process and are supported in the choices they make.

Being very uninformed at my first birth I was left feeling like it was something that just “happened” to me. I felt like the doctor delivered my baby rather than me giving birth to her. During subsequent pregnancies I educated myself about birth and realized how much more rewarding it could be.

The miracle of birth is something to hold dear. I am always honored to be invited to that intimate time between parents and baby, and look forward to being able to bring an encouraging, calm presence to your birth.

I lived in various locations growing up, but settled in Sacramento with my husband in 1995. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Human Development, and have loved being a stay at home mom to homeschool and raise our six children. Now that they are mostly all grown up I’m excited to pursue fulfillment in serving families as a doula

In 2014 I became a certified doula through Childbirth International. Not yet ready to work with private clients I found great satisfaction in the volunteer doula program at Sutter Davis Hospital, where I still regularly volunteer. I’m excited to now be joining Erin, Tina, Andrea, and Jessica at Lovin Heart Birth where we work together to give continuous support to families during this life changing event called birth.